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>> Monday, July 25, 2011

One of the perks of my incredibly unpredictable work schedule are the random Monday mornings that I have 100% free. Not every Monday, but on those mornings without an appointment in sight, I can lounge around all morning watching hours upon hours of TV, right?…well that’s just crazy talk. Free time in this casa calls for around the house and under the house adventures. Explanation begins…

When my parents asked if I could hang on to a sofa for my brother for a few months, of course I agreed. After all, I have a den already piled full of random items awaiting for their rehab number to be called. What’s one more piece of furniture in the mix?…But soon the wheels began to turn. As an enemy of clutter, nothing stays in my house unless I A: need it or B: like it. This sofa was serving absolutely no purpose in my den/storage room, which left me constantly staring at it like an intruder, and I just don’t have time for such negativity. Time to put this guy to good use…besides, June had already discovered its potential as an optimal squirrel stalking perch, and around these parts, she always wins.

Den TV_8

Before I could even think about turning this space into a bonafide den, the TV situation had to be resolved. Currently in my living room at the front of the house, my television selections were in plain view for any across the street neighbor or passerby glancing in my front window. Not only was I growing tired of sharing cable with the entire neighborhood, but I have no doubt they were becoming increasingly annoyed at my refusal to watch and re-watch anything other than the same episodes of Bravo’s Real Housewives of NYC. The time had come to move my TV friend to the den.

Great plan! Let’s do it. Only one minor hiccup. My den was not currently wired for cable. The logical solution would be to call in the cable guy for assistance, but sometimes thinking outside the box is more fun and definitely less expensive. 

Lucky for me, the past owners were silly enough to drill through perfectly lovely hardwoods…

Den TV_7

Den TV_6

…so all I had to do was move the cable cord from my living room to my den via my dark and scary crawlspace.

Den TV_9
The all too familiar “I can totally do this myself” thought came to me last night as I was falling asleep and as a result, I was up bright and early prepared to wind my way through plumbing pipes to reposition my cable cord.

After a little contorting and a whole lot of stagnant under the house dirt and grime, mission accomplished.

Den TV_2Den TV_1 
Now I just have to hide the cable cord, but we’ll save that for another day.



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