0 Wall Art on a Whim

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

Now that the desk is finished—I promise to post pictures next week of our fabulous fellow in all his gray glory—we are getting Eric all settled in his office. As we all know “getting settled” brings with it plenty of bare wall space to fill.

One of my absolute hands down favorite activities to do when I am feeling creative is stroll the aisles of any and every thrift store in search of a crafty find to inspire me. Savers in North Little Rock delivered on this one! I found a stack of frames that had seen better days for just a buck a pop and turned them into wall art in their own right. Who says a frame needs a photo to serve a purpose?


An old apple crate that had been collecting dust in our garage since Eric brought it home with him after a trip to his parents house fits in perfectly with our frame friends. Topped off with a vase that we already had hanging around and a piece of coral from our last trip to Mexico.




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