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>> Thursday, January 10, 2013

Demo? Check. Floor prep? Check, check! Once we finally began laying the tile, we kicked this floor rehab into high gear.


The best part of any DIY project is that moment where you are far enough along where you can finally see what the final product will look like. After a ton of it-looks-SO-goods and a few why-didn’t-we-do-this-sooners, we started to realize that our days of laying perfectly square whole tiles was about to be substituted for the tedious task of cutting individual tiles to fit every edge and corner.

One big reason we chose the groutable vinyl tiles was because we would be able to cut the tricky pieces with a few runs of the jig saw…and jig we did, or jig he did, I should say. I measured, he cut. I thought the poor boyfriend’s hand was permanently attached to that stinkin’ saw after all the tiles were cut.


After hours of measuring, peeling, sticking, rolling, measuring, & cutting, the last little tile found its home.


Next up? Grout…but by this point in the game, a hamburger and glass of wine was looking like more fun.

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