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>> Monday, March 28, 2011

Jess & Cara It’s a proud day in the life of me. Some of you already know about my serious passion for before pictures, and a fortunate few of you have had to suffer through the live version of my gotta-take-before-pictures rant in action. One such lucky soul is my sister, Jessica.


After buying their first house last summer, Jessica and my brother-in-law have been hard at work. Painting, replacing sheetrock, installing hardwoods. Lots of fabulous opportunities for killer before & after shots…current status: lots of afters, not a single before. My skin was crawling and Jessica heard more than an earful.

I had just about given up on my own flesh and blood UNTIL I received a few happy text messages from my sister yesterday chock full of before & after shots of her most recent project. This lovely little bench.



Proof that nagging is indeed an effective way of getting exactly what you want.



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