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>> Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Buyers will want to see every nook and cranny of your home. Not only are they considering the number of bedrooms and bathrooms offered by your house but also the amount and condition of storage space. Don't be tempted to stuff clutter into the nearest closet and call your home ready to show. An overcrowded, disorganized closet only sends one message to a potential buyer: this house does not have enough storage space.

Here are a few simple rules to help boost your closets from drab to fab.

Rule #1: A visitor should be able to see at least 50% of the closet without any items.

Before: This rule may be hard to follow in all closets, but for a coat closet or laundry room, it should be a breeze. This coat closet was filled to the brim with the owner's personal items. Buyers looking to entertain may not get the impression that this home has enough storage to accommodate for guest.

By removing nearly all personal items and tidying up the overhead shelf and floor area, this welcoming closet is ready to party.

Rule #2:
Empty closets of all clothing items expect those that you'll need for the next two weeks.

Before: This rule does require a bit of planning, but as shown by this closet, cramming every item of clothing you own into a small space doesn't send a potential buyer the right message.

By removing unneeded and off season items, this closet quickly transforms into a inviting space.

Rule #3:
Invest in matching hangers for every item of clothing, and arrange hanging clothes by purpose and color.

Before: Hmmm, not sure where to start with this one. It looks like they attempted to get organized at one point but stopped a bit shy of the finish line.

By installing an inexpensive closet system and organizing hanging clothes by color and purpose on matching wooden hangers, this revamped closet projects a lifestyle of success.

Now for a little daydreaming...

Before: This space wasn't quite large enough for the owner to use as an extra bedroom.

Now transformed into any girl's dream closet, this space is fun, functional and would make any buyer's jaw drop in amazement.

Closets should not only look clean but smell clean as well. If your closet has even the slightest hint of must, mildew or any other unidentifiable odor, thoroughly clean the closet. Once your space is sparkling, place a block of cedar in the closet in an out of the way location to keep it smelling fresh.



Carolyn,  June 9, 2009 at 1:10 PM  

oooo! I want that last closet!

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