2 Dads, Do Rags & Decks, Oh My!

>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! While we may be a bit biased, Eric and I definitely agree that we possibly have the most wonderful/handy/do-it-yourselfer dads ever:

Growing up in the Letzig house sometimes felt a bit like a living in a construction zone. Whether installing hardwood floors or completely remodeling the kitchen, you never knew what kind of project you would come across.

One of my favorite projects had to be when my Dad built his workshop in our backyard. Not only did us kiddos have a great time sporting bandannas while pretending to help, but the foundation made an excellent stage for us to sing and dance amongst the sound of circular saws and nail guns.

Thanks, Dad, for exposing us to the joys of home improvement. Maybe that is why I'm no sissy when it comes to sanding, tiling and painting. Happy Father's Day!


My dad has always been quite the handyman. Out of the many projects that my brother and I helped him with, the ones that stick out to me are when we built a privacy fence, built a deck, and even jacked up the house and replaced some of the piers and beams!

Needless to say, I did not enjoy working on the foundation, but I enjoyed building the deck and privacy fence. Helping my dad build the deck was fun and inspiring. I remember feeling so proud of myself...because I got to work with my dad!

I am not much of a handyman (yet), but I know that I will use all that I learned from my dad when we built that deck together. I remember sitting on the completed deck and feeling so good about what we had accomplished. That is one memory with my dad that I will never forget.

I was really hoping that I would get paid for helping out, maybe five bucks or so--a lot to a nine year old. While we were finishing our cokes, my dad handed me a twenty dollar bill. I thought I was rich! Wow, twenty whole dollars!

So, it was a good experience and worth my while, because I got to spend time with my dad--and got paid the big bucks! Maybe my dad can help me build my next deck...but I probably won't pay him!


Happy Father's Day!

-Eric & Cara


Jessica Letzig,  June 22, 2009 at 8:48 AM  

Really Cara! You hadto go there with the do rag pic! It did take me back. Remember building the fort in the half-built workshop with sheets held up with bricks. We made mom a nervous wreck thinking that a brick would fall on our heads!

Eric and Cara Wilkerson June 22, 2009 at 8:55 AM  

Ah, those were the days. With so many projects going on around us while we were growing up, I am sure there was always something that Mom was worried would fall on our little heads!


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