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>> Thursday, October 1, 2009

2009 is rolling right along, and I am not complaining. Fall is the best season according to—well, according to me—and hopefully these spooky jack-o-lantern ideas from Southern Living will help you to think the same about our friend Fall.

Fishy Pumpkin:
Cute idea for all of the cat (and fish!) lovers out there.

How To: click here


Pumpkin Topiary:
Such a cute idea! However, I would ditch all of the leafy fluff and keep it simple. Stacked pumpkins with polka dot cutouts would look great on any front porch, and you can bet they’ll be making an appearance at casa Wilkerson!

How To: click here


Pumpkin Templates:
Get crafty with your own design—with a bit of help from these handy pumpkin templates. No one needs to know that you enlisted outside assistance…




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